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Porcelain light fixtures for Rama's Kitchen

Rama's kitchen sits on a hilltop, surrounded by a natural grove and overlooking a quiet, breathtaking view of the Judean Hills and the Coastal Plain. 

In March 2019, together with a renovation to the restaurant, We have collaborated with Ella Ben Zvi (Rama's daughter and the manager of the restaurant) and created 2 types of porcelain light fixtures. Each design was influenced by the architecture and the natural surrounding of the restaurant and are made on the potter's wheel. One design was located on the main bar and the other one is in front of the kitchen where the traditional tabun oven is located, all designs are decorated with our signature chattering marks and are made of A thin translucent porcelain that lights up in an amber glow that give the lamp and extra layer and glam. All lights are hand made therefor each lamp has its own unique texture. 

In the restaurant you can also find our signature porcelain tea cups. The cups are served with the delicious home made desserts at the end of every meal. 

Photos by Yael Ilan >