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Tollman's Design store x Studio Davka

Our Vases collection at Tollman's DOT stores 

Tollman's Design store has been in our landscape for over three decades and is considered one of the best design stores in Israel. Tollman's has a respectable arsenal of international designers who make sure to stay up to date with trends but also create many trends themselves. 

At Tollman's you can now find a limited collection of our handmade porcelain vases, geometric shapes, pyramid shapes and cones that characterise the entire collection, made by casting technique and decorated with our chattering marks. 

Some of the vases are decorated with a texture that is uniquely handmade on the wheel and therefore varies from item to item so that each buyer gets a special vase just for him.

Our designs are not only made to contain beautiful flowers or to decorate the table but to be a design item in the house all week, to enrich the face of the house, to innovate, to bring up a smile and also to cause a wow effect when it comes time to host!