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Gily Ilan and Nadav Rauchwerger are the designer-makers behind the name

Both graduated the ceramic department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. After their studies they both stared a career in the ceramic field.

In 2018 they opened their own studio in the diverse northern city of Haifa, and are working together; each of them embed unique and creative perspectives into their pieces.

With a devotion to details and simple aesthetics, Studio Davka creates functional handcrafted objects to enjoy for everyday use. The pieces are made using the potter's wheel and casting technique, all hand made localy at the studio. The rhythm and echo of the clean lines enhance the harmony and beauty of the design. 

Nadav Rauchwerger

Nadav crafts decorative and functional pieces, strong in presence and refined in detail, using hand-building and the potter's wheel. His signature on the pieces is recognised with a unique chattering texture, keeping every pieces one of a kind. 

Nadav has more than 10 years experience in the ceramic field and he is the main creator and teacher at the studio. 

Gily Bella Sofia Ilan

Gily is the digital media manager of the studio and has her own Jewelry and wearable art brand combining porcelain and textiles, selling the pieces worldwide and working with stores from across the world. She started her studies in the ceramic field at 2011, majoring in design, slip casting  and mould making.

Alongside Nadav she designs the collections and teaches. 


Henry is a 4 year old Jack Russel terrier and he's our beloved dog that we adopted when he was a puppy. He likes sleeping next to the warm kiln, playing with a ball and running across the studio, greeting the costumers and sitting on us while working.