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Design collaboration with Stolen Goods studio

Sisters Tom and Gal Melnik founded the Stolen Goods Studio, upon graduation in visual communication at Shenkar and the Bezalel Art Department. In 2019 we decided to contact them and offer them to create together a new collection of designs with their decorations on our Items.

We created two new vases that became an integral part of the studio, such as the Totem vase and the Wide Pyramid, the sisters Tom and Gal designed new patterns, and together we created a color pallet that would suit both brands.

Our styles blended naturally and the connection created  new and unique aesthetic that blends in with the various studio designs.

The items were made using the technique of porcelain slip castings into plaster molds and the prints were made using the silkscreen printing technique. All the items are made in the studio, by hand and in small series. 

The collection was first launched at the "Fresh Paint" art fair 2019 under the pavilion of the design gallery "Saga". 

The new designs are also available on our best sellers, the small porcelain cups