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Collaboration with New York-based architecture studio

Mill Hill Set

BoND x Studio Davka

The Mill Hill Set is a 50-piece, hand-made ceramic pottery set designed by New York-based architecture studio BoND in collaboration with pottery Studio Davka, in Haifa, Israel.

Collaborations with artists from different fields bring with them quite a bit of inspiration, new perspectives and a great opportunity to create special, refreshing and diverse collections. Especially when it comes to a collaboration that is not only business but also family, between Daniel Rauchwerger and Noam Dvir, the architects behind the BOND brand and between us -  Studio Davka. Daniel and Nadav are creative and talented brothers, each in his own field and together they have created the Mill Hill collection which includes a variety of ceramic pieces for the kitchen and home decor.

The set is inspired by BoND's recently completed Arched House, a private residential project in East Hampton. Brothers Daniel (BoND) and Nadav (Davka) took cues from the house's unique architectural vocabulary; all vessels are based on the shape of cylinders and arches in various proportions and have unique chattering marks.

The Mill Hill collection brings home a different design tone. Beyond the studio's handwork and unique fingerprint, there is a joint work with BOND Studio that brings the world of New York architecture to Studio Davka pottery pieces along with the family chemistry and intense passion for design and aesthetics.

All of these create a collection that speaks its own language and gives a different feel to the table design.

Pieces from set, which includes dessert plates, serving platters, large bowls, cups, and plates, are available for order and will be hand-made upon request at our online store. International shipping worldwide is available.

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