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Fresh paint art and design fair 2018, Tel Aviv

Studio Davka presented their first collaborative project "Vibrations" between Nadav Rauchwerger and Gily Ilan (The designer behind the brand) and their debut vase collection at Fresh paint art and design fair 2018, Tel Aviv. 

"Vibrations" - An inter-material dialogue that blurs the boundaries of textiles and ceramics to create a unique and original language. The project offers an observation of spatial and temporal dimensions, as these are perceived through the connection between the hidden and visible materials that comprise it.

Fresh paint is Israel’s largest, most influential annual art event. The fair is held each year in Tel Aviv – the beating heart of the Israeli cultural world, and attracts over 35,000 visitors. The fair brings together leading Israeli galleries and significant forces of the Israeli art scene, collaborates with all the Israeli museums, and enjoys the support of leading international art institutions.

Booth design by Salty Architects. 

Photos by Shani Halevi.